Life is about choice and there are so many choices to make.  You choose your clothes, your meals, your vehicles, and your career. The list is infinite.  Many times, especially for kids, the choice is between A or B, in other words a forced choice.  Do I make a strong choice or a weak choice? Do I play with this friend or that friend? Do I eat a snack or do my homework first? Debbie is really good at making choices when given a forced one and lately, she has amused me with her decision-making and reasoning skills.

On Wednesday I picked her up from aftercare as I always do.  I told her that she wouldn’t be going to school since she had a Dr.’s appointment.  She said, “No, Mommy.  I don’t want to go see Dr. L!”  So I told her, “Fine.  Then you can go to school tomorrow.” Immediately, she fired back with, “I go see Dr. L!” Obviously she prefers going to the doctor over going to school.  But then again, she prefers a lot of thing over going to school.  Insert proud teacher momma moment…NOT!  It amused me how she changed her tune on a dime and she does so frequently. 

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I posted about how Debbie was being finicky about her Oreos.  She’s an Oreo connoisseur in case you haven’t heard and had the audacity to buy the regular Oreos instead of the Double-Stuff, a massive faux pas on my part!  Anyway, after some discussion I managed to convince her to just try the cookie and if she didn’t like it, then she didn’t have to eat it. She tried it, decided against it, and so I started taking them…until she realized that once I took them they were gone and there would be no cookies to be had. Before I even had them off the plate, Girlfriend changed her mind but not before she put me to shame and told me that I had to buy “new” (Double-Stuff) cookies on Sunday when I do my weekly food shopping. 

I knew tonight that I needed to remind her that she was going to school tomorrow. So I tried to make it casual and light.  “Debbie, guess where you’re going tomorrow…” My smart-as-a-whip child responded with, “No, Mommy!  I don’t want to go to school tomorrow!” A big yay for her as she made the inference because, with the exception of tonight, I am always, always straight-forward and concrete about upcoming plans!! I said, “Well, then no Papa John’s!”  Papa John’s Pizza is our routine on Friday nights.  Can you guess how Deb responded? Of course she exclaimed, “I want Papa John’s Pizza,” and I said, “Then you need to..” She cut me off with “go to school.”  And then right before bed she told me, “First we go to school and then we get Papa John’s Pizza.” Kiddo, if that gets you through the day successfully, then most definitely!

What’s my point about all of this? I really don’t have one other than I’m proud of the fact that Debbie has come far enough along and shows clear decision making skills when given a forced choice. She makes choices based on her more preferred option and sometimes she changes her mind in a split second. Isn’t that what we all do? We make choices based on our preferences and sometimes we change our mind in a split second.  I can’t predict what the future will hold for Debbie but I am fairly confident that she will be able to at least voice her choice and own that decision.  And in my book, that is pretty damn cool! xoxox ~ Julie



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