Image I love this quote!  It sums up my feelings about life.  I don’t  sit on the sidelines and wait for life to happen.  Instead, I play the game! 

This year has been somewhat difficult both academically and physically for Debbie. Because she has been exhausted and feeling generally crappy, she has been acting out in frustration. However, yesterday much to our surprise, Vince and I received an AMAZING email from school!   Here’s what the email said:

Everyone wanted me to email you about Debbie’s day!  She had a great day.  She worked quickly and followed directions.  She connected to many of the lessons and blew some of us away with her correct answers.  She had a moment in “chorus” that she recovered from quickly.  They clapped and she swung, hitting the substitute assistant by accident.  She yelled, “I need a  break”,  and went into the hall.  Here’s the unfortunate part….  She was asked where she wanted to take the break and she said “bathroom” ( she chose!) but she laid down on the floor (yuck).  She laid still with her eyes closed for a moment, got back up, washed her hands and asked to go back to “chorus”.  Wow!!!  Let’s do it again!!!

Wow is right!!  I have known all school year long that I needed to start “dancing in the rain” and make some necessary changes for Debbie.  Her sleep had become erratic and she was plagued by constipation.  Bottom line, she wasn’t feeling well for months.  By winter, I had been called several times to pick her up from school because she was either sleeping or just plain sick.  Time to jump into the game and make things right for my kiddo.  What to do? What to do?

We finally found the right cocktail to help Deb sleep through the night.  And after many weeks of Miralax and changing over from organic milk to Almond Silk Milk, her constipation issues have been resolved.  Coincidentally enough, we started seeing more language at home from Debbie.  We have also noticed that she is generally more mellow and less aggressive physically.  And yesterday, those behaviors became evident at school!  Vince and I were over the moon with excitement.  It was just one day but one day can turn into many days.  I will take one day.  I will take one moment.  I will do whatever I need to do to help Debbie be successful.  I will dance in the rain and I will play the game.  And I will celebrate each moment in the sun! xoxox ~ Julie



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