One Lovely Blog Award

The other day I was nominated by Raising A Drama Queen for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am flattered to say the least and I think it’s very cool that we can support one another on our journeys – no matter how much they differ. As an award recipient there are three things that I need to do. First, I must thank the person who nominated me and link back to their blog. Second, I have to share seven facts about myself and finally, I need to nominate ten bloggers for the award. As I like to say to my kiddos, “Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!”

First the seven facts about me:

1. I have spent all of my life living in Maryland.

2. I have visited more than half of the states in the lower forty-eight.

3. I’m an avid reader when I allow time for it.

4. I hate to exercise and avoid it like the plague.

5. I have spent almost half of my life teaching.

6. I couldn’t cook when we first got married. I learned there was more to life than Kraft Mac-N-Cheese.

7. My husband and I have been married for eighteen years. What a long strange road that has been! ; )

May I have the envelope please. And the nominees are:

Em’s Journey

From the Bowels of Motherhood

May I Be Excused, My Brain is Full – Olivia’s Asperger’s Story

Sincerely Becca

Maddox’s Autism Chronicles

Forehead kisses – not just another another Autism page

Dancing with Autism

Ian’s pet autism, come pet. It doesn’t bite.


Chloe Rothschild

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do! Thank you for your support. xoxoxo ~ Julie


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